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 How to fix 1200 contact service

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How to fix 1200 contact service Empty
PostSubject: How to fix 1200 contact service   How to fix 1200 contact service EmptyTue May 04, 2010 8:40 pm

How to fix 1200 contact service.

1200 contact service solution tested by: JAF/PKEY

1.before this phone receive to my hand the problem of this
phone is Message Sending Failed....

2. version v3.44

3. Flash it with other technician...v4.00

4. the problem appears in screen is contact service...

this how to do and fix this problem....

1.full erase that phone...
2.flash with version....v4.11
3.Full Factory Settings
4.write good and tested PM files
5.then unlock normal mode
7.the phone after normal mode and put simcard the phone says
security code
8. read the security is the code y# fix that full factory settings
10. then the phone back to normal again enjoy...
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How to fix 1200 contact service
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